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Atlanta News

Welcome to the News Page of the Atlanta Local Council 49! 

This page will be updated frequently so we suggest that you check back frequently!

This OUR version of "Rumor Has It" but actually useful! 

Upcoming LEC, MEC & BOD Meeting

Save The Date - March 19th, 2024

Our First In Person LEC Meeting

May 19th, 2024 from 2PM to 330PM

All members in good standing are welcomed to attend


Upcoming MEC Meeting in Atlanta

May 19th, 2024 from 4PM to 6PM

All members in good standing are welcomed to attend


Upcoming AFA Board Of Directors Meeting in Atlanta 

May 20th to May 22nd from 9AM to 5PM Daily

This year’s 51st Annual Board of Directors Meeting will be held May 20-22, 2024, with a Call to Order at 9:00 AM. You MUST register in advance by visiting to get your credentials.

All members in good standing are welcomed to attend

Attention Reserves

Be Ontime & Available!

Not Available To Fly (NAF) or being Late (LTE) is the number one reason that Inflight Management is requiring meetings with Flight Attendants. In a recent audit, we found 47 New Hires received NAF or LTE in 21 days. We cannot stress this enough - you must be on-time, you must return Crew Scheduling's Phone Call within 15 minutes after they call you and you must be within 2 hours from the time you're notified of a trip to the gate. There is simply no exceptions whatsoever. 

If you're at Home Reserve and are in the mindset "well, they won't call me" - that's when you're going to get a 2 hour call  out. We cannot stress this enough - you will lose your job if you continue to get NAF's or LTE's. Your Union is here to protect you against contractual violations but, we cannot protect you if you're not following the strict company policy of being reliable. 

Education & Info Rep Committee

We're Looking For Volunteers!

Education & Info Reps are trained by us! Your LEC President, LEC Vice President and LEC Secretary will sit with you and go over the tools necessary to do this extremely important job! You’ll be responsible for approximately 25 to 30 Flight Attendants that you’ll be in constant contact with. This position ensures that our coworkers are receiving information from our Facebook Group Page and Elines. In addition to those duties, during times of Contract Negotiations where we may not want to “publicly” post certain bits of information, YOU will be the first to know and we would ask you to forward pertinent information to the coworkers on your list of responsibility. This position requires passion, the art of conversation, the ability to pass along information without adding to or taking away key elements. The best individual for this position would be one that is very very very detail oriented and organized. Knowledge of Microsoft Excel and Google Docs & Sheets would be most helpful but we’ll happily train! This training would be conducted using Zoom and would take about an hour. 
How it works?

We will send our Education and Info Rep Committee Reps detailed information the moment it becomes available. Being that they will have established relationships with the Flight Attendants in their group, they’ll either Text, Call, E-mail or tell you in person! This will also be a great way for Flight Attendants to offer feedback and ask questions that the Reps will be able to bring directly to Union Leadership.

Why are we doing this?
Often, information that’s sent to a Flight Attendant’s email goes unread and important information may be missed. Having ONE person as a point of contact is a great way to get information out quickly as well as get feedback. Your Union Leadership wants EVERY Flight Attendant to be involved and we feel this is the best way to do it!

What is involved in the Education Committee?
Simply put, Education Committee Reps have a solid working knowledge of how our Union Works, understands the importance of participating in your Union and has frequent communication with your Leadership. These folks are basically the “Mentors” of our Union.

What is involved in the Info Rep Committee?
Info Reps are the lifeline of Information from our Union Leadership to the Flight Attendants. Information is always important but particularly during times of Contract Negotiations and LOA’s (Letters Of Agreement). They’re able to sit and take the time with you to ensure that you have a 100% understanding of what’s going on within our Union. Sometimes, we will need to get information out there that we may not want to put in an e-mail or on our website. 

Quick Tips & Tricks


Payroll Codes

Our paychecks have an awful lot of codes on them! Click "More Info" for a list of all of our Payroll Codes and an explanation for what each of them are! A special thanks to Carmella Visconte, our Membership Chair for supplying us with this awesome information! 

See Below


The 16th Debacles

Our Committee Chairperson Laura Walker will be available every month on the 16th to assist you with any questions you have regarding Swaps, Drops, Misawards.

You can reach out to her by emailing her at

This is just one more thing we're doing to help you make the most out of your schedule!


Dropping RSV Days

We're seeing a lot of Reserves dropping their reserve days in hopes to pick up trips. As a friendly reminder, you're required to be available for 6 days a month in order to maintain your benefits. Also, just because the grid is green and you're able to drop RSV days, doesn't mean that there will be trips available for you to pick up. Plan accordingly. We recommend that you keep at least 6 days of RSV and pick up trips one at a time instead of doing everything all at once.

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