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Karen Koonce

EAP / Professional Standards Chair

The EAP (Employee Assistance Program) is responsible for providing resources to Flight Attendants in need ranging from Drug & Alcohol Treatment Programs, Grief Counseling and much more. The Professional Standards Committee is responsible for assisting Flight Attendants who are experiencing issues with their flying partners, pilots or gate agents. Rather than “writing up” your coworkers, consider reaching out to the Professional Standards Committee instead. Most importantly, this committee operates within the strictest of confidentiality.

The Association of Flight Attendants Employee Assistance Program (AFA /EAP) believes that no one ever needs to be alone in finding solutions to their problems.  We are a confidential resource available to Members, their families and their partners to assist with personal, as well as work-related concerns. AFA's EAP/Professional Standards Committee provides three distinct but interrelated services including:

Assessment, support and resource referral:  (for example, we provide resources and references for a variety of life situations including: relationships, financial/legal, workplace trauma or other work-related issues, insurance questions, harassment, job stress, occupational injury, etc.), in addition to offering support with chemical dependency and emotional issues.

Advancement of professional standards through conflict resolutions: (We offer a range of conflict resolution strategies, skills, and support to help co-workers resolve disputes among themselves without the need of management intervention).

Response to critical and/or traumatic incidents: (We offer and/or coordinate a range of critical incident stress management services to promote and accelerate recovery)

Karen Koonce
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