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Association Of Flight Attendants

Atlanta Local Executive Council 49


Delta Disparity Difference

We’re Endeavor, not Delta. But…

  • We only fly on aircraft owned by Delta.

  • We only serve Delta passengers.

  • We only read Delta announcements.

  • We only use Delta Branded items. 

  • We only use Delta Skypro’s.

  • We only serve Delta snacks.

  • We only wear Delta uniforms. 

  • We’re held accountable to the Delta Operations Standards.

  • Delta decides where we fly.

  • Delta decides when we leave.

  • Our own CEO isn’t even an employee at Endeavor, he works for Delta. 

  • The one and only source of income Endeavor has is from Delta. 

Click Here To Learn More About The Delta Disparity Difference!

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2023 Management Survey Results:

78.06% of Flight Attendants are NOT happy working here

37.25 of Flight Attendants don't feel the company prioritizes safety as a priority

77.5% of Flight Attendants do not feel Do you get paid enough to live

60.73% of Flight Attendants are on Public Assistance  

87% of Flight Attendants feel intimidated by Management

We are so proud of our Committees because of their commitment to "Flight Attendants Helping Flight Attendants" - You should consider reaching out and learning about them, then join us!

2024 Calendar Of Events

June 15th, 2024 - LEC Meeting @ 1PM Eastern

July 15th, 2024 - LEC Meeting @ 1PM Eastern

August 15th, 2024 - LEC Meeting @ 1PM Eastern

September 15th, 2024 - LEC Meeting @ 1PM Eastern

October 15th, 2024 - LEC Meeting @ 1PM Eastern

November 15th, 2024 - LEC Meeting @ 1PM Eastern

December 15th, 2024 - LEC Meeting @ 1PM Eastern

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