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The Delta Disparity Difference

Equal Work, Equal Pay

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It is time to Bridge The Gap and put an end to Delta's Corporate Greed! 

Delta Airlines flies 4000 Flights Daily. Endeavor Air flies 700 Flights Daily. That means that roughly 18% of Delta's daily departures on on an Endeavor Aircraft which means that Endeavor Flight Attendants plays a vital role each year to ensure Delta's bottom line is profitable and that our Ontime And Safety Performance remains top notch. That said, we have Flight Attendants who are on Public Assistance, living in their cars, sleeping on the floors at airport and it's all because we don't get paid enough to survive. Meanwhile, Delta just posted record breaking profits in the recovery of pandemic. 

We’re Endeavor, not Delta. But…

  • We fly on aircraft owned by Delta.

  • We serve Delta passengers.

  • We read Delta announcements.

  • We use Delta Branded items. 

  • We use Delta Skypro’s.

  • We serve Delta snacks.

  • We wear Delta uniforms. 

  • We’re held accountable to the Delta Operations Standards.

  • Delta decides where we fly.

  • Delta decides when we leave.

  • Our own CEO isn’t even an employee at Endeavor, he works for Delta. 

  • The one and only source of income Endeavor has is from Delta. 

We strongly encourage to you join the Atlanta Council 49 Facebook Group Page at:

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