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Grievance Committee

Committee Chair

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About The Committee

The Grievance Committee is here to ensure that all contractual violations are dealt with. Also, Grievance Representatives are with the Flight Attendant during meetings with Management to ensure that Company Policy AND Contractual Rights are maintained.


What We Do:

What We Do For You!

We represent Flight Attendants making sure they are protected from contract violations and are defended in disciplinary meetings. Whenever a Meeting Notice is sent to a Flight Attendant, we will contact you to inform you of your rights, responsibilities and we help prepare you for your meeting. Everything that you say to us if held in the strictest of confidence. 

Our Main Goal:

We've Got Stuff Going On!

To have Flight Attendants educated on the contract so they are not taken advantage of by the company. To have Flight Attendants educated on the expectations of them as Flight Attendants so they are not subject to discipline. Most importantly, we want to form an understanding that we are professionals and deserve representation. Management is not always looking out for your best interest. We are. 

Looking Ahead:

We're Working On Stuff!

We plan to educate on the biggest contractual issues as well as how to reduce disciplinary meetings. You can look for us in appearances on "The Conversation" with Tommie Banks in the very near future!

Call To Action!

Hey Atlanta, We Need Your Help, NOW! 

Read your contract. If there is something you don't understand or need clarification on, ask one of the grievance reps. Share knowledge with other Flight Attendants. Use your time with your Flying Partners to ask questions about the contract. Challenge each other to better understand our work rules. When in doubt, send us an email! 

Grievance Intake Form

Please complete the form and one of our Grievance Committee Members will reach out to you for further information. 

Thanks for submitting!

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