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Hotel Committee

Committee Chair 


About The Committee

The Hotel Committee works closely with the Master Executive Council Hotel Committee Chairperson and investigates Flight Attendant complaints regarding layover hotel, transportation and other layover issues to ensure Contractual Compliance or attention to decline in such requirements.

We are currently recruiting a Hotel Committee Chairperson for Atlanta. If you're interested, please email Billy Hennessey at 

What We Do:

What We Do For You!

The number one issue we work on is ensuring that Crew Care Reports are resolved. Any comfort, convenience, safety or security issues that are reported, we work closely with the company to ensure that immediate action is taken, 

Our Main Goal:

We've Got Stuff Going On!

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Looking Ahead:

We're Working On Stuff!

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Call To Action!

Hey Atlanta, We Need Your Help, NOW! 

Anytime you encounter an issue with a hotel, posting your experience on a social media page does NOT resolve the problems for you or anyone. PLEASE ensure that you are submitting your CREW CARE REPORTS as soon as possible. That is the one and ONLY way we can resolve the issue for you and all of your coworkers.

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