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Jumpseat Committee

Committee Chair 


About The Committee

The Jumpseat Committee works towards Jumpseat (or Reciprocal Cabin Seat) Agreements between our airline and other airlines.

Airlines you list at the gate:


Airlines you list on travelnet:
•American Airlines

Airlines you list on id90travel:
•Sun country 

Airline you list on teamtravel:

What We Do:

What We Do For You!

My job as your LEC Jumpseat is to help our members with Jumpseating on our metal/ Delta. Also help with reciprocal travel on other airlines.

Our Main Goal:

We've Got Stuff Going On!

My goal is for everyone to be knowledgeable about how to list, use our JS as well as Delta. I’m also trying to work with GA so it’s no issues with us Jumpseating and having to pull out memos letting them know we can Jumpseat.

Looking Ahead:

We're Working On Stuff!

My plan looking ahead is for us to have more reciprocal agreement with other airlines. FA’s be more knowledgeable about Jumpseating, and GA’s stop giving push back on listing us for the JS and them knowing the rules about each other metals and how they can list us and clearing orders.

Call To Action!

Hey Atlanta, We Need Your Help, NOW! 

We need everyone to fill out the call-in-honest email Billy sent out. Until we get a better commuting policy in place. We want the company to ALLOW NO LIMITS on the CIH until we get a deal that is worth our time and hard work.

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