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Scheduling Committee

Committee Chair 


About The Committee

The local Scheduling Chair brings issues with Schedules to the MEC Scheduling Chair so that issues may be addressed with the company.

Also the local Scheduling Chair can answer your questions when it comes to PBS and Crew Scheduling and can point you in the right direction if a grievance needs to be filed.

What We Do:

What We Do For You!

The local Scheduling Chair monitors staffing and flying levels in the base and informs your LECP of any issues.
They also help educate the members on Scheduling issues and communicate and changes. They also keep the membership in the know about any sudden changes like IROPs, staffing changes, or other issues that may effect your schedule.

Our Main Goal:

We've Got Stuff Going On!

Scheduling is the most important aspect of this job. It effects your quality of life. The main goal of the committee is education. Education is power!

Looking Ahead:

We're Working On Stuff!

There will be staffing changes in ATL for the 2024 year as flying continues to shift back to NY. The goal this year is to help each FA deal with the adjustments in ways that work best for them. 

Call To Action!

Hey Atlanta, We Need Your Help, NOW! 

Pleas make sure you communicate with your leaders and chairs of any issues you may have. If you do not share the info nothing can be done. We can only fight for things we know are an issue.

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